4 Reasons Clubmoo Is The Best Steak Of The Month Club 2018

The Best Steak Of The Month Club 2018

Without a doubt, the title belongs to Clubmoo, a company obsessed with steak. Driven to providing subscribers with the best quality of beef available, Clubmoo delivers only USDA Prime cuts of steak to its customers. Here’s a list of 4 reasons why Clubmoo is the best steak of the month club 2018.

1. Quality Steaks

Clubmoo delivers affordable, Michelin restaurant quality steaks directly to your home every month. Our steaks are flash frozen and shipped in eco-friendly packaging packed with dry ice giving you the ability to prepare a steakhouse quality meal at a fraction of the price and in the comfort of your own home.

2. Premium Processing

Clubmoo beef is sourced from world renowned and trusted ranches who raise exceptional breeds of cattle with care and respect. The cattle are processed by master butchers who hand render hanging sides of beef into premium cuts of steak rivaling those found anywhere else in the world. The use of world class aging rooms allows the beef to reach the optimal levels of tenderness and flavor before being shipped to fine diners across the land.

3. Contemporary Trendspotting

Clubmoo works with producers who are on the cutting edge of steak production. Experimenting with different aging techniques, a wide variety of marbling characteristics, distinctive flavoring influenced by feeding methods and other industry leading processes allows our subscribers to experience a wide array of tastes and textures.

4. Monthly Recipes

Clubmoo works with the industry’s top chefs to generate unique steak recipes that give our subscribers the skills to produce restaurant quality steaks at home. Each steak shipment includes recipes directly related to the cuts of steak delivered that month. Not only are our subscribers treated to top notch steaks, they’re educated in the methodology of steak preparation.

The Clubmoo Steak Of The Month Subscription

Become part of the best steak of the month club 2018 and sign up with Clubmoo today.

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