A Premium Steak Subscription Versus Low Quality Competitors

It’s true that steak subscription services have become more popular over the years.  However, with so many options available, how do you decide which one is worth your business?  The fact is, there’s a large difference between premium steak subscription services and their low quality competitors.  In this post we’ll highlight some of the characteristics of a top notch steak subscription service.

No Low Cost Filler

If you’ve signed up for a monthly meat delivery because you’re interested in steaks, beware the so-called steak subscription services that charge you a premium rate and then fill up their boxes with low cost fillers such as potatoes, hot dogs and ground beef.  The packages may be big, but are they really giving you what you paid for?  The fact is, if you’re receiving a Clubmoo delivery you can rest assured that your money is going towards steak and not a bunch of low cost add ons.

USDA Quality Inspected

Did you know that although public funds are used by the USDA to inspect all meats for wholesomeness (ie. unadulterated and properly classified), being inspected for quality categories such as Prime, Choice and Select is a voluntary process that’s paid for by the meat producers themselves?  The fact is, there are a lot of low quality steak subscription services who will send you meat that’s NEVER been inspected for quality.  On the other hand, Clubmoo sources all their steaks exclusively from suppliers who voluntarily pay for quality inspections.  

USDA Prime

Less than 5% of all beef actually attains the highest quality level known as USDA Prime.  Rarely, if ever, will you find USDA Prime steaks in your local grocery store.  They are typically sold only to high end restaurants and hotels.  So when you’re considering whether the steak subscription service you’ve been eyeing up is truly a premium steak subscription, look for the USDA Prime designation.  As opposed to Clubmoo who deals exclusively in USDA Prime steaks, you’ll find plenty of steak subscription services who do not.  And those low quality competitors may even charge you more for the (dis)pleasure.

The Clubmoo Experience

A Clubmoo premium steak subscription gives you value for your money by ensuring that you only receive hand selected cuts of USDA Prime steaks.  You won’t be sent potatoes and wieners or meats of a questionable quality.  You’ll receive the same product that Michelin starred restaurants work with.  Avoid low quality steak subscription services by signing up with Clubmoo.

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