Celebrate Father’s Day With The Best Online Steaks

Life is a constant balancing act with the need to learn from the past while existing in the moment and planning for the future.  With the arrival of Easter, thinking ahead to Father’s Day may seem like jumping the gun. But June 17 is going to arrive faster than you think.  Don’t leave it to the last minute again this year! Plan ahead and celebrate Father’s Day the proper way - with the best online steaks from Clubmoo.

USDA Prime Quality Steaks

It’s very unlikely you’ll be able to find USDA Prime quality steaks in your local grocery store.  Even a lot of specialized butcher shops don’t carry the top quality cuts as most end up in high end restaurants and hotels.  To ensure you have premium quality steaks to feed you father, sign up for a Clubmoo steak subscription. Clubmoo is a company that prides itself on delivering only USDA Prime quality steaks - something a lot of other steak subscription services can’t claim.  If you order now you’ll be guaranteed to receive your steaks in time for Father’s Day.

Sustainably Sourced Meats

Popular opinion may posit that the older generation doesn’t care about sustainability.  However, if you gave your father a choice between meat from an animal that freely grazed in open fields versus one that that never saw the sunlight while eating antibiotic enhanced feed, which do you think he’d choose?  Sure, you’re going to have to pay a premium for sustainably sourced steaks, but wouldn’t you agree your father is worth it?

Cooking Assistance

Now that you’ve decided to order some premium quality steaks for Father’s Day you’re probably wondering how you’re going to pull off cooking them properly.  Luckily, the Clubmoo Starter Kit gives you the tools to cook perfect steaks every time. By using the included Anova Precision Sous Vide Cooker, you can be assured your steaks will be cooked to order.  Also included with every delivery are unique recipes provided by some of the industry’s top chefs. You’ll be able to serve your dad a Michelin restaurant quality steak for a fraction of the price.

Clubmoo For A Great Father’s Day

Treat your father to the best online steaks from Clubmoo, a company guaranteed to deliver sustainably sourced, USDA Prime quality steaks.  A Clubmoo Starter Kit will give you everything you need to prepare high end, restaurant quality steaks in time for Father’s Day.  As for the subscription steaks you’ll continue to receive after Father’s Day? Well, we don’t need to tell your dad about those, do we?

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