Company Growth Equals Lower Pricing!

Clubmoo is very pleased to announce a new, lower pricing system for its premium steak subscription services.  The company has expanded the number of ranches it works with allowing it to charge significantly lower prices for its signature USDA Prime quality steaks.

Huge Discounts

Expanding its ability to source quality steaks has allowed Clubmoo to pass on an almost 60% discount to its customers.  For the new, low price of $49.99 per month, customers receive a premium Steak Subscription For 4.

Massive Savings

Massive savings are also available on the Clubmoo Starter Kit.  The kit includes the Steak Subscription For 4 as well the Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker which allows the customer to prepare a perfectly cooked steak every time.  Previously priced at $139.99, the Clubmoo Starter Kit is now available for a mouth watering $59.99 per month.

USDA Prime

Our price discount has absolutely no bearing on the quality of meat received by the customer.  As always, Clubmoo will deliver only USDA Prime quality meats.  Subscribers will never receive lower quality steaks, other meats or box fillers such as potatoes.

Michelin Star Quality

Clubmoo prides itself on delivering top quality, sustainably sourced USDA Prime cuts at the best price possible.  The company works to allow the customer to prepare Michelin restaurant quality steaks at home for a fraction of the price.

Take Advantage Now!

To take advantage of these incredible savings, visit the Clubmoo website subscription page and sign up for a premium steak subscription today.  Neither your taste buds nor your wallet will regret it!

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