How Buying Steak Online Leads To Sustainable, Quality Meats

Do you wonder how it makes sense to buy a steak online? Well, head down to your local grocery store and check out the meat counter. Where do their steaks come from? What kind of living conditions did the animals have? What were they fed? If you consider the whole rotisserie chickens that are on sale for $5 were hatched from an egg, raised to maturity, slaughtered and shipped to at least one warehouse before being redirected to the grocery store for cooking and packaging, how can they possibly be so cheap?!?

The fact is, it’s pretty much impossible to figure out exactly where grocery store meats come from. The only certainty is they’ve passed through factory farms whose scale allow supermarkets to sell cooked chickens for $5 while still making a profit and fill their counters with cheap meats in both price and quality. However, when questions of provenance, food sources or rearing practices are brought up, big producers are unusually secretive.

It’s becoming more widely known that factory farms are unsustainable and harmful to the planet. The razing of tropical forests for grazing land, excessive antibiotic use and harmful waste runoffs are not something that any reasonable human being could hope for. However, if people are unprepared to pay a fair price for sustainable, quality meats, the factory farms will continue to produce low quality alternatives that are harmful to the entire planet in the long run.

This is where buying steak online leads to sustainable, quality meats. By commissioning online companies such as Clubmoo who source their meat directly from ranches known for sustainable and compassionate rearing practices, customers can be assured that the animals have been raised properly and the meat is of a much higher quality than you’d find in the grocery store.

If you are concerned about the health of you and your family as well as the planet in general, it may be time to consider giving up on factory farmed meats from the supermarkets and start buying your steak online from reputable sources. Clubmoo prides itself on hand selected cuts of USDA Prime beef procured from producers who take health, quality and sustainability seriously.

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