The Best Christmas Gift For A Foodie 2017

The gift giving season can be fraught with stress.  A successful exchange of gifts invariably involves worrying about practicality, expense, thoughtfulness and a myriad of other details associated with the holiday exchange.  We may not be able to help with your great uncle’s railway modelling obsession or your niece’s love of all things Barbie, but if you have someone on your list who takes food seriously, we present to you a compelling list of reasons why a steak subscription is the best Christmas gift for a foodie 2017.

Home Delivered Every Month

By signing up the foodie in your life to a steak subscription they’ll automatically receive a monthly shipment of USDA Prime steak.  This is a gift that’s set and go.  Simply sign them up and we’ll take care of the rest!  You don’t have to worry about gift wrap, traveling through terrible weather or even being in the same state.  Every month your foodie will have an eco-friendly box packed with prime steaks and dry ice delivered directly to their front door.  What could be better?

Restaurant Quality At Home

Clubmoo delivers only the finest steaks which means restaurant quality dining in the privacy of your loved one’s own home.  They could pay up to $100 for a single steak in a Michelin starred restaurant or have month after month of delicious meals for a fraction of the price.  Clubmoo delivers the finest quality beef on the market.  We employ the knowledge of the best ranchers, the skills of master butchers and the ideas of top chefs to provide a product that rivals anything offered by the best restaurants.  

Introduce New Cooking Methods

Clubmoo’s exclusive starter kit not only includes mouthwatering steaks, it introduces a foolproof way of cooking them.  The Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker is the perfect device for the foodie in your life.  The lightweight, easy-to-use device connects to a smartphone while providing a reliable method of cooking a perfect steak every time.  Also included with every shipment, even if you choose not to invest in the sous vide cooker option, is a range of artisanal recipes which will expand the repertoire of even the most ardent home chef.

Clubmoo | The Best Christmas Gift For A Foodie 2017

Allow yourself to relax a bit this festive season by striking the foodie in your life off your shopping list.  Clubmoo provides a great alternative to dealing with holiday traffic and crowded shopping malls while ensuring the object of your favor receives a gift that reflects thoughtfulness, kind consideration and practicality.  The best Christmas gift for a foodie 2017?  It’s undoubtedly Clubmoo!

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