The Best Mail Order Steaks | What You Need To Look Out For

If you do a quick online search for mail order steaks, you’ll soon realize there’s more than just a few options to choose from.  How is it possible to choose the right service? What qualities should you be looking for in a mail order steak business? In this post we cover the factors you need to consider when trying to determine the company with the best mail order steaks.

Steak Quality

“Please sir, may I have a poor quality steak?” said no one ever.  While it’s true that no one goes out of their way to chow down on a mediocre cut of steak, the fact is that there are many more people eating low quality steak than there are eating top quality USDA Prime cuts.  Of course, that only stands to reason. If you’re at all familiar with the Clubmoo blog, you’ll already know that less than 5% of all American meat actually receives the top grade of USDA Prime. You don’t typically stumble across USDA Prime steaks every day.  And that’s especially evident in the mail order steak business. Unlike many of their better known competitors, Clubmoo delivers USDA Prime quality steaks only. If you want the best mail order steak, you’ll need to make sure it’s USDA Prime. And with Clubmoo, you’ll get it.

Steak And Steak Alone

A dirty trick practiced by a lot of mail order steak companies is to not only send you lower grades of steak, but to fill their delivery boxes with a lot of things that don’t even qualify as steak.  It may sound obvious, but when signing up with a mail order steak company, you should make certain they’re actually going to send you steak! The amount of mail order “steak” companies that cushion their deliveries with ground meats, weiners, chicken, sausages, potatoes and other fillers is astonishing.  Don’t fall for their trickery! With a Clubmoo Prime Steak Subscription you will experience top quality steak and steak alone.

Value For Your Money

The old saying, “you get what you pay for,” exists for a reason.  You cannot expect to pay bottom dollar and be rewarded with a government graded, USDA Prime quality steak.  Unless you’re dealing on the black market or the meat is out of date, it’s an impossibility. The fact is, when it comes to top quality steak, you really do get what you pay for.  If you cheap out, you can be guaranteed you’ll end up with a cheap piece of meat. If you really want value for your money - and value meaning top quality, premium steak - you will have to pay top dollar for it.  If you are truly looking for the the best mail order steaks available, there’s no way you’ll be paying the lowest prices on the market.  So really, the choice is yours.

Clubmoo |  Only The Best Mail Order Steaks

As we’ve tried to stress throughout this blog post, there are many very popular mail order steak services out there who actually provide little value for your money.  What you end up with is low quality steaks, bait and switch games that leave you with cheap fillers and rock bottom prices that reflect the true quality of their product.  If it’s the best mail order steaks you’re looking for, make sure you’re paying for USDA Prime steaks.  And with Clubmoo, you’ll be guaranteed to receive exactly that.

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