Think A Steak Subscription Is Unique? Check These Out!

“Clubmoo is not just a steak subscription. It’s a steak experience.” You’ll see this catchphrase the moment you land on the Clubmoo website - and what it says is true! We at Clubmoo want you, our customer, to experience the finest of steaks in the comfort of your own home. To help do that we employ the expertise of quality ranchers, master butchers and a top-of-the-line cooking platform to provide a unique and unrivaled steak experience.

And although Clubmoo isn’t the first steak subscription on the block, we understand that
providing a unique, niche service is what it’s all about in today’s subscription box market. As a matter of fact, we admire some of the weird and odd subscription services out there. If nothing else, these providers truly understand their customers. And with great interest we at Clubmoo take heed of their customer appreciation. For your entertainment, here are some of the weirdest subscription services available.

Moss Of The Month Club

It’s true! You too can receive small samples of live mosses and lichens every month. And at
$177 per year, how can you not consider that a deal?!?

Doggie Lawn

Following in the vein of a moss subscription comes Doggie Lawn, a regular delivery of a small patch of living grass for your dog to do its business on. You even choose the size of the grass patch to suit your pup!

What’s In Your Box

Probably the best play on words by a subscription company that we’ve heard, What’s In Your Box’s business model is based on female sexuality. Monthly deliveries of sex toys, lubricants and other products are meant to tickle the fancy of today’s empowered and sex positive women.

Exotic Noods

Nope, it’s not another sex based subscription! Exotic Noods will hook you up with a monthly
supply of noodles, ramen and their associated broths and seasonings. You even have options for choosing noodles cooked in their own cup or on your stove and their spice levels.

Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box

Taking the record-of- the-month club a step further, this company not only provides you with a monthly 7” vinyl record, it also includes a digital mixtape, some food ingredients and matching seasonal recipes.

Exclusive Clubmoo Starter Kit

Well, you didn’t think we’d provide a list of unique subscriptions without including our own,
would you?! Clubmoo’s exclusive starter kit won’t just send you steak. We also include an
Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker! It’s easy-to- use, connects to your smartphone and best of all, it cooks a perfect steak every time. Start your steak subscription with Clubmoo today!

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