What Is The Best Christmas Gift For A Meat Lover 2017?

If you have a meat lover in your life, Clubmoo has a gift made especially for them.  The Clubmoo steak subscription is an experience that will appeal to even the most discerning meat aficionado.  Not only will the recipient receive a monthly shipment of the best steaks, they’ll join an exclusive club dedicated to quality beef.  Read on to learn why a Clubmoo steak subscription is the best Christmas gift for a meat lover 2017.

USDA Prime Beef

Clubmoo delivers only USDA Prime cuts of beef.  USDA Prime is the highest grade of beef rated by the United States Department of Agriculture.  USDA Prime is the tenderest, juiciest and most flavorful beef classification available and it’s something that Clubmoo prides itself on.  Sign your meat lover up for a Clubmoo steak subscription and they’ll receive monthly shipments of the best steaks available in the country.

Trusted Ranchers

Clubmoo sources their beef from some of the country’s most trusted ranchers.  What results is a fine sampling of steaks that include grass fed flavor profiles, different marbling types, a variety of breeds and choice cuts from an assortment of locations.  You will not find this kind of provenance in any grocery store, nor will your local butcher be able to offer the range provided by our ranchers.

Top Butchers

Clubmoo employs master butchers who bring in the whole animal for processing. This is definitely not boxed meat that’s being delivered.  Hanging sides of beef create an idealized processing environment that facilitates precise butchering techniques and results in premium cuts of meat.  Our butchers specialize in quality beef and pride themselves on their superior lines of meats.   

The Aging Process

Clubmoo’s steaks are aged in world class aging rooms.  The result is a flavor and tenderness that’s not found in your average grocery store or butcher shop.  These aging rooms are designed for optimal airflow which results in uniformly dried beef and a superior quality product.  Clubmoo offers steaks with different aging periods to allow the subscriber to experience the results of a variety of aging methods.  

Experienced Chefs

Clubmoo not only delivers steak on a monthly basis, we relay the knowledge of experienced chefs in the form of recipes that we include with each shipment.  These artisanal recipes are related to the cut of steak shipped and allow the subscriber to make the most of each delivery.  On top of regular shipments of high quality steak, the subscriber will be educated in the fine art of steak preparation.

The Best Christmas Gift For A Meat Lover 2017?

Without a doubt, it’s the Clubmoo steak subscription!  Choose from the Exclusive Starter Kit which includes the Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker designed to give you a perfect steak every time.  Or if the subscriber’s cooking methods are already sorted, consider the Steak Subscription For 4.  Either way, your gift will go down in the memory books of the meat lover in your life.

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