Why Self-Gift A Quality Steak Subscription For Valentine’s?

In this seasonally sensitive blog post, we put forth the argument for signing up for a quality steak subscription as a Valentine’s Day present - to yourself!

“Now,” you ask, “how am I going to explain to my loved one that rather than splurging on fancier roses, authentic Champagne and those “good “chocolates, I purchased a monthly steak delivery for myself instead?”

The answer may be simpler than you think!  If you really want to show your Valentine that you care, setting yourself up with a regular delivery of high quality steak is the perfect way to do so.  Here’s why:

You’re Satisfied

Having a regular supply of restaurant quality steaks delivered to your home means that you’re going to be continually satisfied.  And let’s face it, when you’re not satisfied you’re grumpier, less forgiving and just plain annoying to be around!  Think about how your partner reacts when you’re in a terrible mood.  It’s not pretty!  Do you and your partner a favor by setting up that monthly delivery of satisfaction.

You’re Eating Better

If your partner truly cares about you, they care about what you’re eating.  And with a Clubmoo steak subscription you’re guaranteed to receive only top of the line, USDA Prime quality steaks.  Very seldom will you even be able to find USDA graded meat products, nevermind USDA Prime, when shopping at the grocery store.  Show your partner you care about them by caring about yourself.  And that could very well be expressed through a quality steak subscription service.

You Might Share

The fact is, when you sign up for a Clubmoo steak subscription, you’ll be receiving four to six hand-cut steaks every month.  And although you’ll probably be tempted, you don’t actually have to eat all those steaks yourself!  As they say, sharing is caring.  And if you’re still trying to justify self-gifting for Valentine’s Day, you might just want to let your partner in on the flavor bonanza.

The Clubmoo Quality Steak Subscription

So there you have it!  Three pretty decent reasons why self-gifting a monthly steak subscription for Valentine’s Day will really let your partner know you care.  Even if it means you can’t afford the fancier roses, the real Champagne or the imported chocolates, setting yourself up with a monthly Clubmoo steak delivery will truly let your partner know you love them!

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