You Get What You Pay For | Prime Steak Monthly Subscription

What’s the difference between a prime steak monthly subscription and any other steak delivery service?  The fact is, you truly do get what you pay for.  There’s no doubt you can save yourself some cash by comparing the prices of various steak subscriptions.  But the point that needs to be remembered is that superior quality meat costs real money.  

Sustainably Sourced, USDA Prime Quality

As opposed to the cheaper services, a Clubmoo prime steak monthly subscription guarantees you’ll always receive sustainably sourced, USDA Prime quality steaks.  As the highest quality classification achievable, USDA Prime cuts comprise less than 5% of all meat in the US.  And that means it doesn’t come cheaply.  Sheer economics dictates that the discount subscription companies are not offering you the best steaks available.

Avoiding The Factory Farms

Many low cost steak companies keep their prices low by sourcing meat from factory farms - officially designated by the government as Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations - yikes! Unable to afford the land required to allow so many animals to wander freely, these mega producers need to keep their animals penned up indoors for their entire lives.  The cattle aren’t fed the grass they’re designed to eat, but a mixture of hormone and antibiotic supplemented soybeans, corn and other milled grains.  The only way for producers to maintain low prices is to cut back on quality, both on animal lifestyle and the finished product.

Low Cost Means Low Quality

The factory farmed meat industry has been under plenty of scrutiny in recent years and there’s good reasoning behind that.  With supermarket driven price wars, the big meat producers are under great pressure to provide cheaper product.  And the only way to do that is to ramp up production while cutting down on costs.  Although this results in low cost meats, it also produces low quality meats.  With Clubmoo, you may be paying a premium, but you can rest assured you’re receiving only top notch, sustainably produced beef.

What Are You Actually Paying For?

Another thing to consider when signing up for a steak subscription is whether you’re paying for steak or a bunch of cheaper cuts padded out with vegetables such as potatoes.  Many of the low cost “steak” delivery services ship poor quality, factory farmed meats while stuffing their orders with budget foods such as ground beef, sausages and vegetables.  Make no mistake, with a Clubmoo steak subscription you’ll be receiving steak and nothing but USDA Prime quality steak.

The Clubmoo Quality Difference

So take it upon yourself to realize real value for your money.  An order with Clubmoo will ensure you’re being delivered sustainably sourced, USDA Prime, hand cut steaks.  You won’t have to worry about factory farms, hormone overloads or poorly treated animals.  By paying a fair price you’ll be given a quality product and you can rest assured you’re actually getting what you paid for.

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